Wednesday , September 19th 2018
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Loss of Hair Can Be Humiliating

For many people around the world, loss of hair can be humiliating, traumatic, and downright depressing. If you’re having a loss of hair, you aren’t alone – over 35 million Americans this year are experiencing loss of hair due to unforeseen circumstances.

Some men try to avoid having others find out about their loss of hair by using the comb-over method. We’ve all seen some of these hairstyles. Some of them look natural and do cover up the loss of hair. Others are simply embarrassing because everyone knows it’s a hairstyle specifically intended to hide the bald spot.

For women, who normally don longer hairstyles, the loss of hair can be covered up more easily. You can create bangs to cover up a loss of hair in the front of your head. Or you can tease your hair to hide a bald spot in the back.

Both genders have tried other methods to hide their loss of hair, including stylish hats and scarves. But you don’t want to be sentences to a life of hiding your balding head. You want a solution!

There are hair tonics, medications, and herbal remedies you can use to try to solve your hair loss dilemma. Green tea has even been found to be helpful in preventing the loss of hair by itself (hot or iced) with a small amount of honey for taste.

There are only two medications that are FDA approved and either is good to use, but medication can be very powerful and disruptive to the body’s system, so you may not be able to stomach it. Loss of hair can be humiliating, yes, but you can do something about it!