Wednesday , September 19th 2018
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Hair Loss Treatment Options

Having hair loss problems? You aren’t alone. About 30% of people around the world suffer from hair loss by the age of 30. If you’re wondering what your hair loss treatment options are, you’ll be pleased to know you have a wide array of choices.

One option is to take medication. If you’re prone to getting violently ill from strong medications, this option is not for you. If you have a stomach of steel, read on. Only two hair loss treatment medications have been FDA approved.

Finasteride, (also known as Propecia) is the leading medication among men. This drug has a high success rate – but it is very powerful. This drug restricts the composition of DHT in your system down to a level that is so low that it actually inspires a normal hair growth cycle.

Another option is to turn to natural remedies. Many people seek out herbal enhancements for an obvious reason – they’re natural! This ensures that no unknown and potentially harmful chemicals enter your body.

There is an increasing amount of evidence to reinforce the notion that these natural supplements are actually capable of preventing hair loss. Common ingredients used in natural treatments are green tea, stinging nettle, ginko biloba, and pygeum.

If you’re looking for simpler hair loss treatment options, there is one that requires just a little attention on your part – a change of diet. It’s clear that the decrease in nutritional value of our food and the increase of fast food in our diets can have many effects on our body, and hair loss is no different.

Improving your nutrition can greatly increase your body’s ability to grow hair, making hair loss less apt to occur. It’s been said that eating a decent amount of protein can affect the proteins used by your body to create hair follicles, which may make your body able to grow hair more easily. Carbohydrates and a limited amount of dietary fats are also key ingredients in your diet if you want to make your hair loss fade.