Monday , July 23rd 2018
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For Women, Hair Loss Is Traumatic

Hair loss isn’t easy for anyone, especially women. Women find a sense of identity in their hair. You feel beautiful with your locks of golden, nut-brown, jet-black, or copper hair wrapping around your face in the breeze. This causes a depression following hair loss and for women, hair loss can be truly traumatic!

There are many remedies that could help you with your hair loss. First, let’s start with a change in diet. Americans, primarily, have a high fat intake in their diet – leading to many health problems – hair loss included. In order to create a healthy environment for your body to create hair, you need three key elements in your diet.

First, you need a healthy amount of protein in your diet. Good uses of protein are chicken, tuna, peanuts, or even peanut butter. Having protein in your diet will ensure that the proteins needed to create hair in your body are adequately cared for.

Also, contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates will do well for your body – of course, in moderation. And when we say carbohydrates, we don’t mean complex carbohydrates – you need simple carbohydrates such as whole grain, beans, etc.

Dietary fats such as olive oil, vegetable oil, and a small amount of animal fat are essential ingredients in your diet if you would like to make your hair loss a thing of the past. The lack of fat in some diets is what normally causes hair loss for women.

For women, hair loss is traumatic – but you can do things to prevent it, and always remember that you aren’t alone. Forty million Americans every year suffer from some sort of hair loss.