Monday , July 23rd 2018
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Female Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Female hair loss is often premature – occurring between ages 30 and 40. If you’re suffering from female hair loss, you aren’t the only one.  Over 20 million American women suffer from hair loss each year. 


If you’re wondering what some female hair loss causes and treatments are, you’re about to find out – but you’ll have to pinpoint the reason for your particular hair loss and then find a treatment option that will work best for you.


Often times, female hair loss is caused by multiple factors.  Did you know that stress is the leading cause of female hair loss?  It is!  Can you believe that the leading cause is something that could be avoided all together? 


To reduce the stress in your life, it’s suggested that you adopt some form of exercising. When you exercise, your body releases hormones called Endorphins. This hormone tends to make people – particularly females – happier. 


This simple task is said to help in relieving the stress of the day for people who frequent the gym. Exercise is also good because your diet is another leading cause of female hair loss.  If you exercise, it will decrease your chances of letting your unbalanced diet affect your hair growth.  


Female hair loss treatment options include, but are not limited to: medication, transplants, herbal enhancements, and as previously stated – dietary regimens. Medications prevent the composition of DHT in your system so that it gets down to a level so low that it actually helps inspire a normal growth system. 


Herbal enhancements stray away from making unwanted chemical changes in your body’s system.  Herbal enhancements are popular because they are organic and deemed harmless. 


Female hair loss is not uncommon, and your options are widely spread.  Take time to research your choices and develop a method that’s right for you based off of fact – not guesswork.