Monday , August 20th 2018
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Hair Loss Causes

Feeling upset about your current hair loss?  It’s hard to be young and losing your hair. Hair gives you a sense of identity. It makes you feel like a beautiful woman, or a handsome man.  Don’t give up - you aren’t alone.  If you’re wondering what the most common hair loss... Read more

Hair Loss Treatment Options

Having hair loss problems? You aren’t alone. About 30% of people around the world suffer from hair loss by the age of 30. If you’re wondering what your hair loss treatment options are, you’ll be pleased to know you have a wide array of choices. One option is to take me... Read more

For Women, Hair Loss Is Traumatic

Hair loss isn’t easy for anyone, especially women. Women find a sense of identity in their hair. You feel beautiful with your locks of golden, nut-brown, jet-black, or copper hair wrapping around your face in the breeze. This causes a depression following hair loss and fo... Read more

Female Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Female hair loss is often premature - occurring between ages 30 and 40. If you’re suffering from female hair loss, you aren’t the only one.  Over 20 million American women suffer from hair loss each year.  Read more

Loss of Hair Can Be Humiliating

For many people around the world, loss of hair can be humiliating, traumatic, and downright depressing. If you’re having a loss of hair, you aren’t alone - over 35 million Americans this year are experiencing loss of hair due to unforeseen circumstances. Some men try t... Read more